At BrootSoft, the core of our business revolves around helping you complete your IT integration project ahead of schedule and leverage the associated cost savings.

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Key Facts
IT infrastructure is generally 70% of the total IT target, which can be 20% of the corporation's total synergy target, or 14% of total savings. Even for medium sized businesses, this translates into several million dollars per year in savings.

An acquiring company does not have the subject matter expertise or service delivery skills to integrate a new business entity into their existing infrastructure as efficiently as a company that specializes in such activity.

Time is of the essence when expecting to realize a high Return on Investment from an acquisition of a separate business entity. Each additional month required to complete the integration translates into lost value.

At BrootSoft we have developed tools and technology based on 20 years of experience in helping some of the most successful financial companies in the world. Experience you can take advantage of to successfully complete your IT integration project ahead of schedule.

Return on Investment when using Scenario Systems

A large financial services company with national presence for individual and group insurance engaged BrootSoft as the technical and IT business arbitrator in order to integrate an existing outsourcing arrangement from a global managed services provider.

Through a process of analysis and detailed planning, the cost versus risk analysis was performed and plans were put in place to transition from the service provider to an in house solution.

As an independent advisor, BrootSoft provided the acquiring company with a roadmap and detailed implementation plans. By using their proprietary tools, BrootSoft was able to help the client complete their project in half the benchmark industry timeframe.

The client was able to realize $20M per annum in savings and satisfy their shareholders with minimum business risk - not to mention earn a significant ROI from integrating the service provider into the existing business 12 months earlier than if they had attempted to use an in house solution.

Why BrootSoft?
Reduced cost and errors associated with financial due-diligence and analysis for IT decision making.

Integrated Cost Management, Billing, Charge-back and TCO analysis for IT operations; significantly improving financial reporting.

Integrated procurement, HR, project costing, budget creation, and other applications in a single solution.

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