At BrootSoft, the core of our business revolves around helping you complete your IT integration project ahead of schedule and leverage the associated cost savings.

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Key Facts
3 out of 5 Mergers fail to meet their synergy targets. Why?

Integrating a merged entity is a different skill from operating the business. Your people, while excellent at their job, usually do not have the proper mindshare to take on this critical role. Furthermore, you may leave your organization exposed while attempting to complete this complex transition manually.

At BrootSoft we have developed tools and technology based on 20 years of experience helping some of the most successful Financial companies in the world. Experience you can take advantage of to lower your Risk.

If you are contemplating a merger, do you know exactly what the effect will be? Sound baseline data, best practices and our experienced consultants’ years of M&A experience will help to make the right technical and business decisions towards achieving business goals.

When BrootSoft is engaged as the technical IT infrastructure solutions provider for a major Financial Service Company, evaluation and analysis on the current state of the staffing and technology model generate detailed plans to implement the future Infrastructure. This includes staff reductions, retraining programs, hardware and software rationalization, disaster recovery components and detailed transitional steps to achieve a seamless delivery to the business users.

In one specific instance, BrootSoft was able to provide the acquiring company with a manageable and risk free solution that was completed within 9 months.

By providing and executing plans for required skills, human resource plans, organizational realignment, process implementation and infrastructure alignment, we helped our client to realize $10M per annum in savings and satisfied their shareholders with minimum business risk.

Why BrootSoft?
Improved recovery capabilities by mapping current state to target state infrastructure and identifying opportunities for self recovery for mission critical systems.

Reduce the risk through improvements to the service delivery model of IT infrastructure by deploying repeatable processes utilizing ITIL and CobIT.

Reduced complexity through rationalized and optimized infrastructure with the appropriate staffing model to meet the maturity of the current and target service delivery requirements.

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