At BrootSoft, the core of our business revolves around helping you complete your IT integration project ahead of schedule and leverage the associated cost savings.

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The financial industry is consolidating at an unprecedented rate, a rate which will be increasing over the next few years. Financial institutions that utilize experienced professionals in their approach to conducting mergers will be more successful than their peers. The Financial companies that are able to absorb acquired companies faster, will win. Those that stumble or take to long to merge will fail. Can you afford to have your company learn about IT optimization during a time like this?

BrootSoft can provide a significant competitive advantage to their clients. This advantage stems from the speed at which they are able to integrate acquired companies, allowing the client to execute another merger in half the industry standard timeframe.

Being able to reach synergy targets much earlier brings tremendous value to you. In a typical case study where a company had to trim its workforce by 2,000 people over a 24 month period BrootSoft was able to help them save close to $200M in payroll and $40M in IT operations savings by terminating these positions 12 months earlier while keeping key business performance indicators intact.

Competitive Advantage with Scenario Systems

Imagine the possibility of leveraging the synergies associated with a merger in 12 months or less and then being able to use that return on investment to complete yet another merger – especially in a buyers market for Financial Institutions.

How we help
Our experienced consultants work hand in hand with your team to complete the Merger.

Creating and applying accurate and repeatable financial analysis techniques to procurement and investment justification decisions.

Using proprietary software tools to create an intelligent repository of all costs, assets, facilities, staff, and organizational grouping, to allow detailed financial and architectural modeling.

Providing the ability to accurately execute asset management, cost management, and security controls.

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