BrootSoft has synthesized over 20 years of experience into a tool that allows their consultants to complete an IT consolidation project in a corporate merger situation within a 12-month timeframe. This allows synergy targets to be reached much earlier than if the project was approached using traditional techniques, where the time horizon for a project of this scale is typically set at 24 months.

Tom McIlwham has over 30 years of information technology experience spanning infrastructure development and management, process implementation and optimization, technical merger and acquisition assessments & implementations and disaster recovery evaluation and planning. As a Senior Consultant for I.T. integration activities and optimization, organizational alignment and Service Delivery enhancements, he is recognized as an agent of change with his leadership and delivery of several major projects to the Financial Services industry in the past 12 years due to Merger and Acquisition activities.

Raymond Lefort has been an Information Technology specialist since 1978 and has hands-on experience in the effective use and management of information technology to support business functions in business continuity planning, disaster recovery, strategy development, process implementation and optimization, service delivery, outsourcing and contract management. Mr. Lefort's career includes nearly a decade of practice at IBM Global Services where he managed a succession of increasingly complex projects supporting senior I.T. customers to rationalize, deploy, optimize and scale their I.T. environments.

Catherine Neville has over 23 years of information technology experience spanning application development and management, application procurement and integration as well as process implementation and optimization. As a senior consultant for application development, organizational alignment and service delivery enhancements, she is recognized as an agent of change with her leadership and delivery of several major projects to the financial services industry in the past 14 years.

Gavin Westermann is a hands-on, results oriented executive who is motivated and flexible, with a strong emphasis on team building and customer satisfaction. A successful leader consistent in setting and achieving both corporate and personal career goals, with strong attention to technical evolution. An innovative achiever and three-dimensional thinker with a unique combination of solid people, technical and managerial skills. His repertoire includes national to global mission-critical wide area network and IT infrastructure deployments with a wide range of scope in managing operations nation wide.

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